Dedicated farmers. Healthy cows. Wholesome milk. That’s what the National Dairy FARM Program is all about. FARM, or Farmers Assuring Responsible Management, is a program open to all dairy farmers, co-ops and processors across the U.S. that sets the highest standards when it comes to animal care and wholesome milk. FARM creates a culture of continuous improvement that inspires dairy farmers to do things even better every day. How does FARM work?

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Our story of dedicated farmers, healthy cows and wholesome milk

Keeping Cows Comfortable Tops Our To-Do List

Cow comfort is one of the most important things dairy farmers do for their cows. When animals are happy and treated well, they respond by producing more milk. At Fair Oaks...Read More →

Participating FARM Co-ops

Outstanding animal care is everyone’s responsibility. These dairy co-ops and processors do their part by participating in FARM.


Tony GravesPresident, Board of Directors - Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.
Since our founding in 1938, good animal welfare practices have become an essential part of our cooperative’s rich...
David DarrVice President, Sustainability and General Manager, Farm Services, Dairy Farmers of America
By participating in the FARM program, dairy producers are able to measure against guidelines for safety, quality and...

Dairy Producers


Why FARM? Today’s consumers expect – and deserve – safe, wholesome food from people who are producing it responsibly. That’s where FARM comes in. U.S. dairy farmers have a great track record of excellent animal care. FARM demonstrates your commitment to animal care and shows consumers that you’re doing what’s right – for your cows and for your customers. FARM raises the bar for the entire industry by creating a culture of continuous improvement.

How to Participate

More than 90 percent of the U.S. milk supply comes from participating farms.It just goes to show that dairy farmers are in this together and understand that excellent animal care is everyone’s responsibility. Interested in participating? Here’s how.


Do you know why FARM was created, how much of the nation’s milk supply is enrolled in FARM or how FARM impacts dairy products beyond milk? Learn more about FARM and how it’s making a difference on the nation’s dairy farms and at your table.

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