The U.S. dairy industry is committed to producing safe, abundant and affordable milk and dairy beef of the highest quality. Healthy animals mean safe food, and disease prevention is the key to keeping cows healthy.

Among the measures available to treat and prevent the outbreak and spread of animal diseases in the nation’s dairy cattle, the responsible use of antibiotics has a positive affect on animal health and well-being while keeping the milk supply safe for everyone.

When dairy animals get sick and treatment is necessary, producers and veterinarians use drugs judiciously. Antibiotics should be used appropriately to prevent residues from occurring in milk or dairy beef sent to market.

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Drug Residue Manual

For more than 30 years, the U.S. dairy industry has focused educational efforts on the judicious use of antibiotics through the annual publication of a Best Practices Manual. The 2017 edition of the National Dairy FARM Program: Farmers Assuring Responsible Management™ Milk and Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Manual is the primary educational tool for dairy farm managers throughout the country on the judicious and responsible use of antibiotics, including avoidance of drug residues in milk and meat.

The manual is a quick resource to review those antibiotics approved for dairy animals and can also be used as an educational tool and resource for farm managers as they develop on-farm best management practices necessary to avoid milk and meat residues. Visit the Manual and Form Library to download copies of this important tool!

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